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Yamaha HS7

€ 185

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Yamaha HS8

Yamaha are proud to introduce an all-new range of nearfield studio-quality powered monitors. The three new models – HS5, HS7 & HS8 – are augmented by a matching HS8S 150w powered subwoofer and are specifically designed (and priced) for the project home studio market. Yamaha is a world leader and pioneer in nearfield studio monitor design and innovation and the new models build on this enviable reputation and experience. The new additions share the same design philosophy as the legendary NS-10M Studio Monitors and the subsequent highly-acclaimed MSP range. These in turn led to the creation of the award-winning HS range, which has won discerning fans in professional and home studios the world over. So how do you develop the world's best selling nearfield monitor speaker range? Well if you are Yamaha you simply make it better and add an extra, on-trend speaker size option to the range (the 6.5” HS7). You have to look under the bonnet of these speakers to know what has changed, as they still maintain the traditional HS look complete with the unmistakable white driver cone. Built to last with high-grade components, the powerful 2-way bi-amped HS5 (70w), HS7 (95w) and HS8 (120w) studio reference monitors are ideal for mixing and music production in stereo or 5.1, delivering an exceptionally smooth, flat and – most importantly – accurate response. The new models feature an advanced Low Resonance bass-reflex enclosure built around a traditional three-way mitred joint technique. This technique, often associated with the most sophisticated architectural design, sees the corners of the speaker very firmly anchored, leading to dramatically improved durability and the elimination of any unwanted resonance that can colour the original sound. Yamaha engineers have designed and produced new transducers for this latest range that deliver exceptionally clear, natural and detailed sound. The new transducers deploy Yamaha's advanced magnetic field design to more efficiently regulate the flow of magnetic response, contributing significantly to the purity of the sound. Often, air vibrations caused by a vortex at either end of the speaker port can produce unwanted noise. In the new HS range Yamaha's proprietary technology reduces audible noise by up to 6dB; yet another example of the brilliant blend of design, technology and materials that will satisfy even the most demanding of music producers.

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Naam HS7
Kleur Black
Garantie 3 jaar
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Merk Yamaha
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Country of Manufacture Japan
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