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1 C HT (Hybrid Terra)
This 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) model is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to play the guitar, with 10% lighter weight and a perfect finish.
The main feature of this model is its finish, a combination of gloss and open pore that has never been seen in any other Alhambra guitar model.
Like all the Alhambra models, it is handcrafted and made with selected woods. Solid cedar has been used for the top and Sapelli for the sides and back.
The finish is carefully chosen to offer an elegant and different instrument. In addition, it comes with nickel-plated tuning pegs, rosewood fingerboard and a maple binding that define a beautiful and stylish guitar.
A new environmentally friendly varnishing system has been developed, achieving an improvement in the carbon footprint of 66% and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 90%.
The string action and the choice of nickel silver frets make the 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) model very comfortable and a perfect model for beginners who want to learn how to play the guitar.
This comfort, combined with the sound and a nice aesthetic appearance, rewards the efforts of the student of this art.
Alhambra sound
Although the 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) model is an instrument designed especially for students, it is a guitar with volume and a high capacity to define the sound.
Both the saddle and the nut are made of melamine, a synthetic material that is highly sound-transmitting and contributes to achieving a round and defined sound.
In short, the 1 C HT (Hybrid Terra) model is a student guitar with very good features that will gain in sound the more you play it.
- TOP: Solid Red Cedar
- SIDES & BACK: Mahogany
- NECK: Mahogany. Ergoneck
- FINGERBOARD: Indian Rosewood
- MACHINE HEADS: Nickel Plated
- BINDING: Only on top
- SIZES: (1/2), Cadete (3/4) and Señorita (7/8)

1C HT 3/4 (Retour)

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