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Hohner Super 64X New Version

Hohner Super 64X C New Version

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When the original Super 64X hit the market it astonished chromatic enthusiasts with its beautiful black and gold design and its volume boost thanks to the double thickness reed plates on the first two octaves. With the new Super 64X HOHNER has managed to top expectations once again. Its double thickness reed plates now extend over the entire range of the instrument, offering a massive boost in volume in all octaves and the high-end coating gives it a uniquely attractive appearance. The VarioSpring System permits individual adjustment of slide spring tension, while the revolutionary construction of the new SilentSlide is exceptionally airtight and almost completely silent in operation. In addition, the optimized comb chambers ensure fastest possible response. Just like the new Super 64, the Super 64X sets new standards in durability and ease of maintenance. The reed plates are mounted with screws, without contact to the covers, reducing reed wear and making basic maintenance much simpler. The covers are attached separately and the nylon case provided also serves as a mobile work bench. The new Super 64X – a black beauty with a bite!
Vario Spring System
VarioSpring system permits easy slide spring tension adjustment
Revolutionary construction ensures silent, airtight slide action
Ultimate Comfort
Designed for optimal playing comfort
Instant Response
Optimized comb chambers for faster response
Loud And Proud
Massive volume boost through double thickness reed plates
High-end Finish
High-end coating for an astonishing look
Zipper Case
The robust nylon zipper case allows moisture to evaporate while keeping dust out and also functions as a mobile workbench
- Reed plates (material, thickness): brass, 2 x 1.2 mm
- Reed plates (surface): brass
- Reeds (number, material): 64, brass
- Comb (material, color): ABS, black
- Comb (finish): ABS
- Mouthpiece (surface): stainless steel polished with high-end coating
- Cover plates: stainless stell with high-end coating
- Slide construction: zigzag
- Keys: C
- Type: chromatic
- Tuning: solo tuning
- Number of holes: 16
- Tonal range: 4 octaves, C3 - D7
- Length: 19.8 cm / 7.8"

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EAN 4009126748243
Naam Super 64X C New Version
Kleur Black
Garantie Nee
Partnumber HOM758401
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Merk Hohner
Online Beschikbaar Ja
Land Van herkomst Duitsland
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Voorraadstatus Op Voorraad
Bluetooth Nee

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