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AC15C1 G12C

Normale prijs: € 979

Special Price € 783

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AC15C1 G12C

Put a little bit of Deep South in your British guitar tones.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to change the sound of any amplifier is to change the speaker. The various differences in materials and build process create unique personalities in both frequency and response. For example, some speakers will embellish the top-end treble for clarity, while others might subdue those higher frequencies for a warmer overall sound. Furthermore, different build materials change the way a speaker responds to your playing. Some speakers have a more aggressive response, making the amp more dynamic, while other speakers offer a naturally compressed, slower response, making the amp slightly less dynamic, but more forgiving and bluesy.

With that in mind, VOX is proud to announce their latest limited edition line of AC15 amps, equipped with Warehouse Guitar Speakers’ G12C model! Completely handmade in Kentucky, USA, the G12C is part of Warehouse’s American Vintage series which lends a unique, American flavor to the iconic British chime of the AC15. These speakers provide a punchy low-end and distinctively clear top end that is still dynamic and sensitive. These limited-edition amps also feature a limited vintage-style tolex covering for a more refined appearance. 

Check these out today, and see what happens when you mix one of history’s most popular British amplifiers with one of the best names in boutique USA handmade speakers

gle 12" Celestion Alnico Blue Speaker

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Naam AC15C1 G12C
Kleur Black
Garantie 3 jaar
Partnumber AC15C1-g12c
365-dagen 100% geld terug bij upgrade - 60% geld terug bij retour
Levering Levering door Bpost of UPS
Merk Vox
Online Beschikbaar Ja
Land Van herkomst China
Extra meegeleverd Nee
Voorraadstatus Op Voorraad
Bluetooth Nee

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