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Yamaha CVP-609 Polished Mahogany (Tweedehands)

Yamaha CVP-609 Polished Mahogany (Tweedehands)

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€ 3.950

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In addition to the NW(Natural Wood) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops, the 88-key Linear Graded Hammers reproduces the unique weight of each key over the entire keyboard. A GP Response Damper Pedal gives you the same sense of control as a grand piano and the RGE Sound Engine provides exquisite playing response and tremendous expressive power letting you to play however you want. The audio design has been reworked from previous models including an additional subwoofer so that during ensemble performance, the low tones of bases and kick drums are reproduced with even greater intensity. From professional piano performance to simply discovering the joy of music for the first time, the CVP-609 can fulfill anyone’s piano playing dreams.

Aanvullende Informatie

Naam CVP-609 Polished Mahogany (Tweedehands)
Kleur Nee
Garantie 1 jaar
Partnumber CVP-609 PMAH
365-dagen 100% geld terug bij upgrade - 60% geld terug bij retour
Levering Levering door eigen personeel
Merk Yamaha
Online Beschikbaar Ja
Country of Manufacture Japan
Extra meegeleverd Geen
Voorraadstatus Op Voorraad
bluetooth Ja

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