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Pearl Export EXX705NBR/C21 Smokey Chrome

Pearl Export EXX705NBR/C21 Smokey Chrome + Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack Huurkoop

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U huurt bij ons voor 12 maanden een fonkelnieuw Pearl drumstel. U betaalt 290 euro huur (BTW inbegrepen) voor een gans jaar. Dit is Uw volledige kost. Het drumstel blijft zolang onze eigendom. Na 12 maanden beslist U om het instrument aan te kopen - saldo : 479 euro - of terug te brengen (ophalen door onze diensten kost 50 euro). Indien U een ander drumstel wenst aan te kopen van een hogere prijsklasse na die 12 maanden (akoestisch of digitaal, ongeacht het merk), kan U de huurgelden hiervoor integraal als voorschot gebruiken. Wenst U echter op dat moment de muzikale activiteiten te stoppen, dan bent U er toch zeker van één jaar zéér voordelig op een prachtige nieuw Pearl drumstel te hebben kunnen spelen. Bij online-bestelling : identiteitskaart scannen en emailen.

Pearl Export SeriesExport Series
The Legends of Tomorrow, play Export today.
After 30 years of being the number 1 selling drum set in the world, Export Series is still the name every drummer knows. Having jumpstarted thousands of drumming careers by bringing quality and value into one package, today's Export continues to build legends.
With big features like Reference inspired shell composition, a choice of wrap (EXX) or high gloss lacquer (EXL) finish, and our unbeatable 830-Series hardware package, Export is ready to fuel the fire for future drumming icons.
Export Drums Features
Export's Reference-inspired blended shells combines the classic sound of Poplar with inner plies of Asian Mahogany for strong volume, deep resonance and sustained low-end frequencies. Our Export shells are 6 ply 7.5mm Mahogany/Poplar blended shells.
Opti-Loc Tom Mounts
Export rack toms are equipped with Pearl’s new Opti-Loc Mounting System that features a triangular design with two tension rod attachment points and another through one of the drum’s two air vents. Rubber isolators at all connection points allow the drums to vibrate freely for maximum sustain and resonance while providing absolute and wobble-free performance.
Superior Shell Technology
Pearl’s Export Series offers a sonically advanced recipe of strategically arranged plies of premium wood to maximize frequency response of every component. As with all Pearl drums, each shell is formed from our legendary SST construction process that uses extreme heat, Precision-cut scarf joints, our proprietary Acoustiglue and over 1000lbs of hydraulic pressure to create the ultimate acoustic air chamber.
Matching Snare Drum
Export features a matching 14˝ x 5.5˝ snare drum for a perfectly matched voice to your kit.
Low Mass Lugs
Further emphasizing Pearl’s “sound first” philosophy are the new lugs specifically designed for Export with sound-enhancement in mind. Designed for minimal shell interaction, they have a small footprint and low-mass for maximum resonance and sustain. Their bold look is modern but with a nod to lugs from Pearl’s past.
830 Series Hardware
Without a doubt the most sophisticated hardware ever offered on a drum kit at this price. The BC-830 Boom stand, C-830 Cymbal stand, and S-830 Snare Drum stand all feature infinitely adjustable Uni-Lock Tilters for pinpoint positioning. Robust 1”diameter base tubes and 7/8” diameter center tubes with sturdy double-braced tripods provide exceptional rigidity and stability.

The H-830 Hi-Hat stand features swivel legs that accommodate double pedals.

The P-930 drum pedal combines the styling and performance of the Demon Drive pedal with the Eliminator interchangeable cam technology for the ultimate in power, speed, and control.
New for 2016
Since 2016, the Export has undergone an upgrade, with a Bass Drum mini muffler and a Remo Coated White Ported Bass Drum head. Both make your Export set ready to rock on stage or in a studio! Post-April 2016 produced kits will include the Remo Coated/Ported head and Drum Muffler.

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Naam Export EXX705NBR/C21 Smokey Chrome + Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack Huurkoop
Kleur Nee
Garantie 3 jaar
Partnumber EXX705NBR/C21
365-dagen 100% geld terug bij upgrade - 60% geld terug bij retour
Levering Levering door Bpost of UPS
Merk Pearl
Online Beschikbaar Ja
Land Van herkomst Japan
Extra meegeleverd Nee
Voorraadstatus Leverbaar uit magazijn
Bluetooth Nee

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