MAYBACH Capitol 59 Cherry Red

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MAYBACH Capitol 59 Cherry Red

No hum, no drone

This guitar design was a sensation in 1958 – because it represented the missing link between hollow and solid bodies. Built like a thinline archtop with an arched top and back, ingenious minds ensured that the only weak points of such archtop guitars were a thing of the past. Because thanks to the new two humbucker pickups, there were hum-free sounds for the first time in history. And so that these sounds could be played at high volumes of the new music of this time – Electric Blues, Rock ’n‘ Roll, and, from the 1960s, Blues Rock to Rock – without feedback and drone, a center block ran lengthwise from the neck to the lower end of the body,  suppressing all the body’s own resonances. Thus, the semi-acoustic guitar was born! And the rest is history.
Capitol 59 Cherry Red
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