MEDELI MK1/BK (Retour)

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Medeli has years of experience in developing instruments for educational purposes. This addition to the catalogue is intended for the very youngest, but can also easily be taken on the road, put in a backpack or in the back of your car.

Its small-sized keyboard is easy to play, there are 10 sound buttons with fun graphic icons to give you all the unique sounds from popular musical instruments to ethnic percussion hits to natural sounds, and various built-in rhythm patterns open up children's limitless imagination and interest. It is compact and can be battery-powered to take outside and enjoy playing anywhere.

MK1 is available in 7 different colours: Pink, Green, Black, White, Orange, Purple and Yellow. The instrument comes in a nice full-colour box. Nice for on the counter and an easy side-sale for the holidays.

For environmental reasons, there is no power adapter included. With the included USB-C cable, MK1 can be powered by any regular 5 Volt USB power source like a USB adapter, power bank, PC or laptop.


  • Keyboard: 37 keys (mini-size)
  • Display: 3-digits LED
  • Max. polyphony: 32
  • Sounds / Voices: 100
  • Style 100
  • Music library: 30 songs • Melody off
  • Amplifier: 2 watt
  • Speaker: 1 x 8 cm
  • Dimensions: 490 x 184 x 53 mm
  • Weight 0.95 kg
  • Power: USB-C 5V or 4 x AA batteries
  • Connection: 1 x USB-C / 1 x 1/8” headphone jack
  • Style control: Start / Stop / Sync start
  • Pitch adjustment: Transpose / Octave / Tuning
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Tempo: 30-280
  • Other control: sustain button
Garantie: 2 jaar

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