Vemuram Myriad Fuzz

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The Myriad Fuzz is a collaboration between Josh Smith and Vemuram giving birth to a hybrid fuzz pedal using Silicon and vintage Germanium transistors. As with all Vemuram pedals, there is an inside trim pot which allows in this case to control the Germanium Bias. Josh Smith himself describes his pedal best: The Myriad fuzz started life as one half of my larger Myriad pedal. When it started to become clear how great the fuzz sounded we knew it would need to be released on its own. This is the fuzz I've had in my mind for over 10 years. A unique fuzz that employ's both Germanium and Silicon transistors. It is incredibly tweak-able but never complicated. There is no bad sounds in this pedal. No matter where you set the knobs you get great tone. It goes from fire breathing silicon to cool warm germanium easily, it cleans up like the best of vintage fuzzes, and is more dynamic and organic than any fuzz has the right to be. It goes from spitty to smooth effortlessly. It also has a large amount of volume on tap and a tone circuit that allows it to really work live. I've wanted this fuzz all my life and thanks to my friends at Vemuram we all now get to enjoy it!!!" - Josh Smith"

Controles: Level, fuzz, fel, tone, germanium bias.
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