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Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master V3 TWILIGHT GLITTER

One time only limited edition with custom Light Blue finish on black Twilight Glitter enclosure and available exclusively to Filling dealers.

About the Dispatch Master v3

In their review of the original, Premier Guitar praised the Dispatch Master on its ""brilliant simplicity,"" and ""well-orchestrated digital design,"" naming it ""one of those pedals that can find you reconsidering the worth of whole swaths of your pedal collection,"" before presenting it with their prestigious Premier Gear award.

Now the same brilliantly simple and easy-to-use digital Delay & Reverb Device includes EarthQuaker Devices' proprietary Flexi-Switch™ Technology. Exclusive to EarthQuaker Devices effects pedals, Flexi-Switch™ allows for traditional latching and/or momentary-style switching from a single silent relay-based true-bypass footswitch.

To use the Dispatch Master v3 as a standard effects pedal, press the switch once to activate the effect, and press again to bypass. For momentary operation, press and hold the footswitch, and the Dispatch Master will remain active for as long as the switch is held. Once the switch is released, the effect is bypassed.

The Dispatch Master's hi-fi delay and reverb sounds and intuitive control set have made it a staple of pro pedalboards around the globe. It features a dynamic reverb that goes from natural and roomy to cavernous and deep, up to 1.5 seconds of delay time, and a dialed-in delay Repeats control delivering anything between a single echo to infinite repeats without unpleasant digital artifacts or runaway self-oscillation. Its simplicity has made it a popular ""always on"" effect for players who want to add a touch of ambience and slapback to their clean tone, and its lush ambient sounds make it a perfect fit for modern and experimental players.


  • Dispatch Master v3 Digital Delay & Reverb with Flexi-Switch™ Technology.
  • Digital Delay & Reverb.
  • Combines two popular high-quality effects into a single space-saving enclosure.
  • Independent control over delay and/or reverb effects.
  • 1.5 seconds of delay time.
  • Dialed-in delay Repeats control.
  • Offers fine adjustment from a single echo to infinite repeats without digital artifacts or self-oscillation.
  • When used as a reverb only, the Repeats control adjusts the thickness, decay, depth, and tonal nature of the reverberated signal.
  • Flexi-Switch™ allows for momentary and traditional latching-style switching from a single silent footswitch.
  • True-bypass.
  • Silent relay-based switching.
  • All-analog dry signal path.
  • All-digital wet signal path.
Garantie: 3 jaar

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