CRAZY TUBE CIRCUIT HI POWER Dual Channel Amp in a Box /Overdrive

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All-analog dual booster/overdrive – amp in a box. Recreates the tones of the legendary setup used by David Gilmour in the recordings of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here album.

Right side: Faithful reproduction of the Colorsound Power Boost/Overdriver circuits with true-to-the-original-spec BC184 transistors.

  • Controls: gain, bass, treble, master, voicing toggle.
  • Wide gain range control: from transparent boost to gnarly and fuzzy overdrive.
  • Two-band (treble & bass) Baxandall EQ.
  • Master knob sets overall output. Huge amount of dB boost available.
  • Toggle switch to select between the 18V Power Boost style circuit or the 9V Overdriver style circuit.

    Left side: Hiwatt AMP in a box overdrive.

  • All analog simulation of the preamp and power amp sound and response.
  • Controls: gain, bass, middle, treble, master, input channel toggle switch, headroom toggle switch.
  • Gain control: from clean to big bold British crunch/overdrive.
  • 3-band Hiwatt style EQ (bass, middle, treble).
  • Presence control follows the original design/is located at the negative feedback of the power amp simulation circuit to control the amount of upper mid and high frequencies.
  • Master knob sets overall output volume. Designed to respond like the original control producing more gain at higher settings.
  • Input channel toggle switch selects between normal, bright, or linked input channels of the AMP for different voicing and gain levels.
  • Headroom toggle switch selects between the high headroom and dynamic response of a 100W amp or the lower headroom and compression of a 50W power amp.


    • Independent operation of the BOOST/OVERDRIVE and AMP sections
    • Click-less true bypass design via high-quality relays for each section.
    • 2 Footswitches / 2 Status LEDs - one for each effect section.
    • Power-up bypass/engage preset function for the footswitches.
    • Top-mounted jacks
    • Passive series effects loop to connect pedals between the two sections or use them separately as independent effects.
    • Power Supply: Use only 9V DC, 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm, center negative (not included).
    • Runs internally at 18V DC (via voltage doubler circuit) for higher headroom and tube-like performance.
    • Current consumption: 84mA.
    • British Racing Green die-cast enclosure with color-coded lettering for the control section (orange for BOOST/OVERDRIVE section, white for AMP section).
    • Dimensions: (W x L x H): 119 x 97 x 53 mm.
    • Weight: 444 g.
    • Made in Greece.
  • Specificaties
    Garantie: 3 jaar

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