KLOTZ TI-0300PR Titanium Instrument Cable 3m Jack 2p - Jack 2p Angled Gold

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TITANIUM supreme guitar cable


KLOTZ Titanium redefines high-end cables. Their revolutionary cable design, patented in Europe and the USA, hones their acoustic and mechanical properties to levels never before achieved. Drawing on our decades of experience, we’ve succeeded in outperforming our own previous high-end products, to create a cable offering outstanding sound that’s virtually free from microphonics.

KLOTZ Titanium is so rugged and solid that it reduces subsonic noise, motion noise, static and interference to negligible levels. The Titanium’s sound speaks for itself – extremely dynamic and transparent, with enormous fidelity and a perfectly balanced reproduction of the guitar’s frequency spectrum.

We spared no efforts to achieve this! When instruments need to be changed frequently, Neutrik connectors with silentPLUG™ technology are the perfect choice.

When the cable is unplugged, the integrated switch automatically mutes the connector, completely eliminating the annoying crackles of guitar changeovers with live cables. A cable of this quality has to convey every nuance of the playing, directly expressing the emotions of the music and allowing their sensitivity and subtlety to shine. This was the aim behind the KLOTZ Titanium.

Every Titanium Cable is produced in Germany and undergoes a battery of rigorous tests before leaving our factory. By taking this care, we safeguard the lasting quality and outstanding sound of our cables.


  • connectors: straight - angled
  • cable color: black
  • shell/sleeve: black
  • Lenght: 3 M
  • manufacturer jack: Neutrik®

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